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rpm40 wrote:

I compared the rx100, s100, xz-1, and g1x. To my eyes, the rx100 looks a lot better than the s100, and pretty close to the xz-1, though I might give the close call in favor of the olympus.

Try the following comparator and using the still life samples compare the XZ-1 and RX100. Work your way up in iso. The RX100 is actually usable at iso3200 while the XZ-1 is a smeary mess. I don't know about you but many of my photos are taken at iso settings higher than base to freeze action or in poor lighting. I commonly use everything up to iso1600 and sometimes higher.


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Of course the rx100 will easily beat the xz-1 in high iso image quality. With its big sensor, it's no contest there. The rx100 is on par with my old e-pl1 m4/3 camera.

However, that doesn't really address the original poster's concern about ultimate sharpness. Any sensor will produce good results under good conditions at base iso. The biggest factor affecting ultimate sharpness is going to be the lens, and that's a totally fair fight between these models- in fact, the rx100 is probably at a disadvantage, trying to cover a relatively large sensor with a pretty small lens. All things considered, I think sony did a pretty good job- I think it produces results that above average when compared to other compacts.

High iso is another matter entirely- here, I think the rx100 is the best true compact money can buy.

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