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marike6 wrote:

Brian Mosley wrote:

Now would be a terrific time for Olympus to announce the (even) higher grade O-MD model together with the high grade 17mm f1.8 to outshine the Sony RX1... as an E-P3 + X100 owner, that would be a perfect upgrade for me.

How is an OM-D, new or old, going to outshine the FF Sony RX1 when it can't even outshine a 4 year old camera like the 5D Mk II, D700, or current APS-C cameras like the X-Pro1, D7000 or NEX-7?

It could easily outshine those cameras by combining superior features with 'good enough' image quality from the optimally sized sensor.

Obviously, taking all of my m4/3rds, 4/3rds and legacy lenses would make it hugely valuable in comparison to the RX1.

Having said all that, I will try the RX1 in hand, and decide whether I must have that unique camera in addition to my other cameras.

As an X100 owner, you may be underrating your Fuji's IQ or overrating the OM-D IQ. I'm not sure.

No, I've decided to continue using my X100 as my favorite camera, with the E-P3 a very flexible, compact near second... and wait for something worth buying next.

But back to the Sony RX1 - have you seen any sample images from that camera? Yikes, they are outstanding! And since the EM-5 can't get anywhere near the IQ of current or past FF, I'm not sure how you expect an EM-6 body to. As m43 improves, so do other formats.

I have seen the samples, and expect to see better when more talented photographers get their hands on the RX1. I also have an open mind on the higher spec OM-D in development... Looking forward to being surprised and delighted.

Perhaps OM-D users might set their sites a bit lower, since APS-C IQ parameters have yet to be achieved by m43. The EM-5 improved DR vs the Panasonic GX1, but high ISO was only improved by 123 ISO, if you go by DxOMark (EM-5 826 ISO vs GX1 703). Your better APS-C cameras get around 1300 ISO. A FF camera like the Nikon D600 2980 ISO, 14.3 EV DR, and 24 EV Color Depth. (A Nikon D3s still has the best high ISO performance at 3253 ISO).

I'm less interested in speccy comparisons, more interested in how the camera works as a whole in my hands.

Expect the Sony RX1 to get similar IQ performance as the Nikon D600, which would be an extremely tall order (read: impossible) for even a hypothetical EM-6.

Not trying to be a jerk, or rain on anyone's parade, but every time I see one of these EM-5 vs FF threads, I wonder what on earth is going on. How did we get comparisons to FF? Is this some of that "new" math? Are people forgetting all the great APS-C cameras out there?

I didn't make it an E-M5 vs FF thread, I think 4/3rds is an optimum sensor size in terms of matched lens dimensions. I like the balance of size, performance and image quality we get.

No, there will be no outshining. There may be renewed excitement for m43 users, but I always thought to outshine you had to outperform. Are you sure you weren't thinking of the Sony RX100, which actually has IQ (color depth, DR) more similar to the current EM-5?

Performance as an image making tool, rather than a DX0 benchmark...

Cheers, Markus

Thanks Markus


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