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Re: Two ponts

some others did, some did the opposite. So, you feel its up to you  to make final verdict?

may be it makes no sense to discuss it here further on because we can' t change it and, of course, could go to other sources?!

anyway, the discussions elsewhere show that it is an issue. but may be not important enough, thats what I have to admitt... maybe... for here.

this matter does not occurs for the first time, for example check this

and the pics of the review ( not you, people who are interested and more open minded

"… I really doubt the camera would pick some of the settings automatically, stuff like f/11, ISO1000 is really not right at all. However not all photos are with such a wrong setup.

Some better taken photos would improve the analysis of the image quality."

you will find more reviews and comments like this, again and again, some people do not believe in everything what experts do  ... thats the way we did, sorry when this is not suitable for you.

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