The Illusion of the 45 / 30mp Foveon Sensor

Started Oct 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
Craig Philips Regular Member • Posts: 220
It's not just a matter of stitching/pixel count

Regarding stitching and your decision to order a DP2M, you note that this camera’s files include 50% more pixels than three of you DP2S’s images stitched together, and that stitching is not a great technique with moving subjects, but you missed something Jorge Blanco (‘yomasa’) contributed to this thread: “you can stitch all you want, pixel count means nothing without detail.”  His point is that you will see much more detail in Merrill images; to duplicate them you would need not just multiple DP2S files joined to duplicate the new sensors’ pixel count but a much longer focal length lens on you DP2S (with negative depth of field implications) to create a “pano” of the DP2M’s field of view in higher resolultion (with of course the same usability problems regarding moving objects, speed of shooting etc.)

What I guarantee will delight you with your new camera is the marvelous detail your monitor displays–countless things you did not notice when shooting–when you view DP2M files at 100%.  In my experience it is a pleasure which time and repetition do not diminish.

regards, Craig

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