The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: This doesn't illustrate the true situation

lock wrote:

Your example about the car is different. We did not seee the scratch before we bought it.

so we now have to rely on Nikon and how they handle it. I cannot return it and ask for a refund because the camera is not 'faulty'. It still works. So it should be repaired. Which likely means either a long wait, or a new one that probably will show the same issues within due time.


Of course, if you would see the damage in the shop you may say no to the camera, but in terms of the car analogy, I just meant that it would not be acceptable, even though we can with 100% certainty say it would not alter the performance of the car, as opposed to the scratch inside the camera, which might cause problems. Of course, you can not return the camera but you can demand repair, just like if you detect the scratch on your brand new car after you have paid for and taken the key, or at home later on when the family is walking around it as well. Yes, the price you'd pay is being without the camera for the time it takes to get it fixed, but personally, I would not hesitate to get it fixed because it might cause problems and if it does it is worse because you might not be sure it is the camera and you might spend time testing lenses and other things, like light source, hood, filter or something else.

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