A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

It's been said, 'Never underestimate the power of denial.'

Chroma noise is still noise.

The A57 has a chroma noise advantage at higher ISO. This also results in more accurate shadow colors at high ISO.

Chroma noise does not always equate to lost pixel level detail, but NR can reduce pixel detail. This is less evident in brighter or lighter hued areas.

Small variances in exposure do not account for the kind of chroma discrepancies we see in A57 vs A65 at higher ISO. Nor does it render irrelevant what you get from each camera when both are set to ISO-1600 or higher.

The A57 doesn't 'lose' or surrender any shadow detail vs the A65 at higher ISO.

The A65 doesn't have more pixel level detail than A57 when equalized to 16MP.

One A77 DxO test doesn't mean the A65 has equal chroma performance at high ISO.

NR in post processing is lossy. How much so is going to depend on many factors.

Whether the A65 chroma noise will affect your shooting style is subject to individual needs.

Whether the A57 color and chroma performance at high ISO mitigates the other advantages of the A65 (EVF, 24MP, etc.) is subject to individual needs.

People who prioritize chroma performance and shadow hue at high ISO are not stupid, mistaken, wrong, ignorant, rude or dumb. You can both keep voting down my posts, insulting me and doing your level best to shout me down on this, but unlike other former forum regulars, neither I nor the chroma noise are going away.

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