Tamron 24-70 vs. Nikon 24-70...Worth the price difference?

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Re: Tamron 24-70 vs. Nikon 24-70...Worth the price difference?

Hi Rick,

What do you intend to photograph?

Nikon 24-70mm is a very solid and sharp lens, on par or sharper than the former generation non AF-S Nikon primes.  Also autofocus is nearly instant.  The zoom is also meant to be used wide-open and it also provides solid performance even at f/2.8.

While all can buy it, it's a lens made for professional-business use where exacting image delivery is required every time, even under non-optimal conditions, and liability is attached.  The lens excels in that regard.  So think about that before you take the plunge.  If you think you really want it, then I would save money for it.

I would not worry about image stabilization.  You don't need image stabilization at those focal lengths generally.

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