Just unboxed my black X100 -- some impressions...

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Re: Just unboxed my black X100 -- some impressions...

succedane wrote:

Paul Farace wrote:

Thank God I visited many X100 websites before my camera came... the idea of unscrewing a ring to put another ring on the lens to fit the filter and lens shade is a bit silly!

I have got my black X100 some days ago, and I am also very happy with it. Beautiful camera, beautiful colors !

I only have a problem with the protection ring : I am unable to unscrew it and don't want to risk breaking something. Have you had such problem ?

It is on there pretty tight.  The trick is to put your whole palm on the ring and pressing on the back of the camera to put pressure against your palm, twist it off.  It will come off if you apply enough pressure and you aren't going to hurt anything by doing this.

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