There's one big thing I don't get about ALL tablets

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Re: There's one big thing I don't get about ALL tablets

CelticOdyssey wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

I did a little research, and it seems you are right. Amazon gives away the Kindle in hopes you'll buy a lot of books and other content from them, and even do your shopping from them, and Google gives away the Nexus in hopes you'll do the same (in this case, shop with their advertisers) with them instead of Amazon.

So, it seems that if I'm out shooting remotely and I need to get images somewhere quickly, the only viable approach is exactly what I'm doing now - carrying my laptop, downloading my camera's images with it, and tethering my cell phone to it for use as a "mobile" device. Frankly, I'm not fond of that approach because my laptop's screen isn't that well calibrated, but even if it were, this isn't exactly a highly-mobile and convenient approach, even if it is much more powerful than the tablets.

I suppose a smaller laptop like the Surface Pro or an Ultrabook would make this more portable, but that's a lot of money to spend for such a simple function when even my phone should theoretically be able to do it (it's got USB, internal storage and cell communications) as long as I didn't need to post-process raw images. But I don't think I can hook a card-reader to a phone because they don't really support those kinds of devices, right?

I'm a little confused. If you're saying you want to transfer your photos from camera to tablet, at least the iPad has an accessory sd camera kit. Can't you do the same on other tablets as well? I often download my photos to my iPad and process them right there with an app like (my personal favorite) Filterstorm. It does almost as much for me in the field as LR4 does back at home on my desktop. Or am I not understanding yet?

I don't know about an iPad since I'd never own one, but several of them have USB ports that presumably could be used to hold an SD card reader.  But that's extra stuff to carry with you and if the whole point of them is portability, it should be built in.  They're built into the smallest compacts so not building them into tablets, the smallest of which are four times the size of a compact, seems odd.

After this thread, I think I'll just stick to my laptop with or without tethering to my cell phone.  That does everything including LR4, I can calibrate the screen decently, and it's still pretty portable, plus it means I don't have to buy or maintain another device.  And it has 1.25TB of storage expandable to 3TB.

I think these tablets just aren't designed for this sort of duty.  They're consumer devices designed specifically for consuming apps and media, which is something I have little or no interest in doing.

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