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Re: Two ponts

ZoranC wrote:

caissam wrote:

try to get the Point from Adams comments here

if my english is not good enough to make the point clear, sorry.

Also i would recommned to download all the j2 and pl5 pics, look at them, and look at the exifs

and then ask yourself pic for pic, would I take such setings and why should I?

I assume you did not download the pics!?

Lots of the pics, of course not all, are taken with setings no one whould one would take in practice with an mft camera.

thats Adams point, and the point of some other posters here and in some other forums, too.

It's not your English that is not making your points clear, it is your logic behind sentences and overall lack of clearness that is not making your point clear. You keep repeatedly asking would people test camera in such way. You are repeatedly told by multiple people that yes, that _IS_ one of the ways certain things are tested yet you are refusing to accept that. So, if you don't understand why they tested in such manner that is OK, you asked and you were answered. But if you keep refusing to understand and keep repeatedly forcing your confusion on us as "I am right" that's not OK and please stop wasting our time, do not proceed until you get rid of the cause of lack of clearness in yourself.

if you do not wanna  join the discussion and its orginal matter let it be, but dont behave like you are the only one who knows what is right or wrong.

if not mine, try to get adams point if you want, if not let other people discuss what they want and  feel free not wasting your time here. would be nice.

I bet you never checked the pics and the exifs on the page yourself , sorry. everything is quite fine there!?

ok. I accept your opinion, but

People who are asking about it and discusssing this are not stupid, same as people who are no native english speakers, but it is strange to refuse such a discussion without going into te details.

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