Sony is at it again this time a Sony Foveon chip.

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Re: Sony is at it again this time a Sony Foveon chip.

Greynerd wrote:

Robert Garcia NYC wrote:

They seem to be always wanting to get better and giving us what we want.

What exactly are Sony giving here. A lot of these patents never get off the drawing board. This does read like something from a marketing agency and detached from reality. It always amuses me how you marketing people never seem to realise just how absurd this hyperbole looks.

You’d never have believed it was possible. Now all forum visitors can explore the creative possibilities of full-blown hyperbole with press releases that trip easily off your tongue.

The extraordinary new Hyperbole™ BS-1 from Sony realises the dream of photographers everywhere. Just 2 pages A4 (with footnotes), it packs a perfectly crafted press release saying sweet FA into a document that’s perfectly proportioned for all photographers to wipe themselves with.

Far easier to read than any previous marketing document, the Hyperbole™ BS-1 offers superb written quality that’s previously been the domain of high-end professional technical documentation, only without any of the the content. The unified writing style assures razor-sharp alignment of the marketing message with customer expectations. This brings out the full potential of the message to deliver unprecedented on target quality, right to the very edges of each page. Full use of the English language is complemented by effortlessly intuitive use of the Courier Font, making it easy for copywriters to realise their creative vision without sacrificing readability or the need to provide meaningful content.

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