Is Panasonic Doomed? Massive Losses!!

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Re: Goes deeper than that

danielsonkin wrote:

It amazes me that they can make any money at all with all the different models they release every year. I think smart phones have also taken a big bite out of the p&s market. I also agree about retail availability. Although most people are now buying cameras online, Panasonic cameras were always the most difficult to find to try out in the stores. However, if I owned a store, it would be very difficult to decide which models to carry - it's pretty overwhelming the number of p&s models out there.


This is much like the Auto industry restructuring of the past few years were GM had to many models competing against them selves. They have now stream lined and are now back in the black..

Just looking on Panasonic site they have 7 interchangeable cameras and 13 non-interchangeable cameras that's way more then they need. They would be better off with 1/3 the models and make them the best in their class. Less is more if you do it well...

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