In Nikon D800e validated the vibrations and the tripods

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Re: In Nikon D800e validated the vibrations and the tripods

garyhgaryh wrote:

Yeah it was difficult for me to ready in more than one way.

Please summarize?!

Physics 101.  When a mass is rapidly accelerated (mirror ) and then is stopped by the camera body, the camera body will move since it has a force applied to it.  The same is true of the shutter - except it happens twice, once when it opens and is accelerating and then stops open and then when it reaccelerates in the opposite direction.  Clearly the mirror will be more of an issue than the shutter.

That is one of the reasons that my RB67 uses lens shutters instead of focal plane shutters.  A very small shutter that opens in all directions hence balancing the forces and not creating vibration.

I expect with 135 format cameras, the newer and a lot heavier lenses only aggravate the issue because they more the center of mass of the camera and lens out of the camera and there is a long arm between the center of mass and the mirror and shutter.  I expect if I put my old and trusty

Nikkor 50 mm AFD 1.4 on the vibration - particularly the shutter vibration would significantly dissipate.

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