Storage strategy. RAID 1 or 5? Backup? Both?

Started Oct 28, 2012 | Questions thread
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How's RAID Z1 working for you?

GideonW wrote:

kelpdiver wrote:

I have a self-built NAS that runs ZFS on 4x2 TB in RAID-Z1 (equivalent to RAID-5), so 6 TB net storage. It's fast (close to saturating a gigabit network) and reliable. Coupled with an external disk for offsite backup and all is well.

I bought an external eSATA attached drive enclosure and controller card supporting Port Multiplier features on sale a while back (no RAID features, I'd just use software RAID instead), that I still haven't bothered to setup, and I've been considering the available options for it.

For example, FreeNAS 8.3 now supports ZFS version 28 features and it's a very low resource requirement solution for a NAS server.

Raid Z1 and Raid 5 both scare me, because I've seen lots of "horror stories" about another drive failing after the rebuild starting when replacing a failed drive, resulting in the loss of the entire array.

Apparently, many modern drives just don't cope with RAID 5 (or, RAID Z1 if using ZFS) very well, as it's very common to have timeout issues with another drive being removed from an array during that rebuild process from what I can find out about those setups.

So, I've been wondering if a RAID Z2 config (equivalent to RAID 6) may be a better option, since it allows for more than one drive failure. Sure, you lose some of the available space with a given number of drives. But, reliability would be a more important consideration from my perspective.

So, any comments are welcome.

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