Is Panasonic Doomed? Massive Losses!!

Started Oct 31, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Korean companies and lack of Inovation

I think the growth of Korean electronic companies like Samsung have eaten into the market share of Sony and Panasonic. As for Camera's Panasonic has never quite been a huge player and has lost it's edge as being an innovator. When they first came out with the LX3 and their super zooms they were cutting edge and clear cut leaders.  As an owner of a LX7 which at best is only marginally better then the LX3 it kind of makes me mad to think how much better the LX7 could have been if they would have continued to innovate the series.

I luv the handling on my LX7 but it leaves me with a bitter taste of if only they could have done this how great it could have been..

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