which NEX camera for travelling?

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Re: which NEX camera for travelling?

It's interesting that so many of your questions are focused around perceived negatives with the camera... that's not a slight against you, just interesting that some of the prevalent chat on the forum has such an influence on potential new buyers. Anyway, I digress.

The AF on the NEX is fine, as long as you're not expecting to use it for capturing sports photos, or other rapidly moving objects. As you'll see from countless examples on this forum, it's fine for landscapes, portraits and street photography. The thing is, if you do need super fast AF then not only is the NEX probably not for you, but the majority of mirrorless cameras aren't either (as I understand it the jury's still out on the new AF on the 5R and 6).

The price of the 5R and 6 are unlikely to come down until the new year. They are being released in time for the holiday season, so it would be odd if they slashed any prices in the run up to xmas. If you want something before the 18th Dec you probably have all the info you need now.

Any camera that gives you direct control over exposure settings will prompt you to learn about photography. Likewise any camera that accepts different lenses will get you thinking about photography in a different way.

One last tip... I'd advise getting a camera a little while before your trip, so you have a bit of pre-learning time. Nothing worse than having the opportunity to get a great photo but not being able to make the most of it because you can't change your shutter speed!

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