X100, Is there any serial numbrs that are safe from SAB?

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Re: X100, Is there any serial numbrs that are safe from SAB?

zinedi wrote:

At all costs - having in mind that FUJI is silent about this big problem (as the only relevant and trustful informer) - it's the most expensive lottery I have ever had participation in - and lost. $1000 is really costly ticket for a small hope that your camera will work more than 1 year. Hope for better luck with X200.

You're becoming infamous as the Voice of Doom regarding the X100. What is patently clear is that *you* had the SAB issue, and as you have confessed having a serial number 12xxxxxxx does lie in the batches affected (even though you bought it "new" nearly a year after it was manufactured). However, you seem to be extrapolating your experience to being the norm, when it isn't.

You say this was a "big" problem and a "lottery" when you have zero information about how prevalent it actually was. In fact, the only figure I have seen in researching this for my own buying decision was "less than 2%" which someone gained informally from a Fuji service engineer. Nobody would expect Fuji to make a formal statement about a problem unless it became a big problem, like any other company. It clearly was *not* a big enough problem for Fujifilm to issue a recall, and the EU would have had something to say if it had been a big enough problem and Fujifilm *didn't* recall. And I'm sure there would have been a class action suit filed in the US too. None of that happened.

To the OP, as another reply has said, from Q4 2011 (i.e. 14xxxxxxxx then 21xxxxxx onwards) would not be expected to develop SAB, and the majority or earlier ones wouldn't either.

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