Food for thought on the D800: Can a DSLR have too many megapixels?

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more fatter, richer pixels are always welcome.

gl2k wrote:

The D800(E) is much of a marketing vehicle creating a new megapixel hype in the DSLR market. The D700 was the perfect enthusiast amateur body. Kinda D3 in a smaller, affordable body. And not plagued with all sorts of troubles from the very beginning.

That said ... do more pixels make sense ? Absolutely not, except for users who just use their toy for pixel peeping and performing endless focal tests. The same as a family car with 500hp generates not additional value compared to a 200hp car.

it's only a product of narrow thinking that leads to such faulty conclusions. trading off rich image data for more pixels may be problematic,  but expanding the array of rich data with more pixels solves all kinds of problems. for advertisersing agencies it means maintaining IQ, and the power of the message from a magazine, through posters and billboards. what was formerly accomplished on high quality four color press and only with medium format gear, can now be done with standard format gear. architectural photos will maintain their intricate details when enlarged. newspapers can crop their images but still print a full page.

a digital FX camera capable of delivering MF IQ at thos price point was long overdue for commercial uses -- which is typically an order of magnitude above the enthusiast who likes to collect pretty pictures and post them to flickr or facebook.

just say'n.

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