Considering A99? -- ONE week experience from a NON-PRO -- jpeg only (part 1)

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Re: I think he was refering to jpeg

Yes, I think there is little interest in shooting jpg with a $2800 camera. At least to me, it does not make much sense since you do not get the best of your sensor.

You got best from the sensor from using the BEST lens. Are you using them? On the other hadn, getting the best lens warrant the best body. Are all Nikon shooter going to get eg a D800E?

Anyhow, I think the OP is making some general statements, which can possibly confused the beginners. For example, stating something like "MUCH MUCH better than A900 which I would not use > ISO 800", is simply not true at all.


Different in opinion only. If you are very good in using A900, I congratulate.

I would not suggest a beginner to buy a A99. I would suggest them to try more common brands such as Nikon or Canon or even a Pentax which seems to be of good value for money. I comited to Sony ever since I saw what Minolta lens could produce. Still have a bit of regret since Sony has not been too good in many aspect since especially the A77.  But the NEX 7 is one of my loves.

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