How similar are the 1D3 and 1D4 ?

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Re: How similar are the 1D3 and 1D4 ?

BigBen08 wrote:

By similar, I'm refering to controls and operation, not IQ.

I have the 1D4 and I've read the manual, but I'm looking for a book to supplement the manual (think David Busch). No books exist on the 1D4, but some are available for the 1D3.

I wonder if I'd gain much by reading a 1D3 book?

I'd be very surprised if a third-party book for the 1D4 appears. The size of the potential market typically dictates whether these books are published, and currently the 5D Mark III is the upper limit with the "installed base/users needing help ratio". A typical 7D or T4i book will sell more copies, per publisher, than the probable entire installed base of the 1D4 over the next three years. In other words, every 1D4 owner would have to buy a book to make it viable, and *that* is not gonna happen.

A self-published e-book-only option might be viable, but would require a combination of knowledgeable user with excellent organizational and explanatory skills, without a need for making a lot of money.

By way of comparison, I've received exactly two requests for a 1D-series book over the last three years, and more than 20 5D Mark III requests in the past week. Over on the Dark Side, I probably get four or five inquiries for a Nikon D4 book each week. That might mean Canon buyers are smarter and need less hand-holding, or simply that more deep-pocket amateurs are opting to buy Nikons rather than upgrade the sound systems of their Ferraris.


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