A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

sensibill wrote:

The A57 is less noisy at high ISO even normalized. Fact. End of discussion.

Nothing else is relevant. IC processing theories, PP theories, pixel level detail at 24MP, which tests are negated according to you for whatever reason. The proof is staring you in the face, and as I said before, I'm done listening to you two grasping for any straw to claim it's otherwise.

Whether OP or others feel the difference is significant should be left to them, but denying it exists altogether with these wildly far reaching wild and nonsensical (dis)qualifiers is a fallacy and disservice to newcomers to SLT.

Your image on the right has Chroma NR applied (ACR Default?).. bit of a slip up there..

I'm getting confused as to what you are claiming.. I get the A65/A77 is VISIBLY noisier OOC aspect, I don't understand if you are saying this means the A57 has better high ISO performance as a result (i.e. the image inherently has more information)??

Something doesn't add up, you are hung up on the noise like anyone should care, are you saying we should all get Pentax because it has the least noise by a country mile?

Just to be clear, I'm saying that through the misleading variability of OOC RAW due to pre-conditioning, the A65/A77 actually has identical image information at high ISO..


Even with a 28% difference in exposure, the information under the noise from the A77 seems every bit on par with the A57..

I'm still waiting for your rationale for ignoring the difference in RAW pre-conditioning, of which at least one factor is the RAW Converter..

I'll keep quoting DPReview on this,

"Here we look at the RAW files processed through Adobe Camera Raw (in this case version 7.2). Images are brightness matched and processed with all noise reduction options set to zero. Adobe does a degree of noise reduction even when the user-controlled NR is turned off.

The amount of NR applied 'under the hood' is not high, but it does vary by camera (Adobe is attempting to normalize output across different sensors), so inevitably we are still looking at a balance of noise and noise reduction, rather than pure noise levels"

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