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Re: What do you really get? Not much really.

kelpdiver wrote:

Richard wrote:

First, I have never lost a drive due to it wearing out or breaking. I dropped and external drive and it failed. So the likelyhood of failure is low or the hard drive companies would be out of business.

Your sample size? How many are 1.5TB or larger? In my first 18 years, I saw one failed hard drive - the first one I got, a 40MB unit in 1990 that failed several years later.

But in the last 3 years, I've had one 2TB (EADS) drive fail after a couple years of use, one EARX 2TB that shows the same flaky blocks that the EADS had, and one DOA Hitachi 2TB. With $79 2TB drives, something had to give and it was reliability.

So what are you getting with raid 1. If a drive fails you come up faster... so what, unless it is mission critical then you gain nothing really and lose a hard drive.

Coming up faster isn't "nothing really."

First you have to replace that failed drive. WD will advance ship a warranty replacement and it will show in about 3 days. Or you order from Newegg rush and get it in a couple days, or you go to your nearby options and buy retail. Now perhaps you have a drive on standby...in which case why not have had it mirrored all along?

Then you have to restore the data from your backup. You lose any changes that were captured in the last incremental. It will take 4 hours or more per terabyte. And hopefully you don't have any bit rot on that backup, or you need to resort to (a hopefully existing) offsite backup, which will add more time to the recovery.

So minimum of a day, up to a week to recover here. The OP said he didn't even want to be down for 2 hours.

Think about it you are running and shortening the life of 2 drives, let say 2 1tb drives. So after 6 years one fails, then you switch to the other, how much longer will that one last? who knows? and the disks are suppose to be identical for best performance and reliability.

Actually, many deliberately buy different brands or at least from different vendors to avoid the risk of getting a bad batch of drives. It has been established that if one drive fails, the odds of the identical drive failing are substantially higher. Though again, this is why you have backups.

Spend your money on something other than an extra disk that is just going to be sitting in your computer using electrisity, wearing out the motor and heads, doing nothing other than being redundant waiting to fail. Kind of a bad investment and gamble IMHO.

Quite the opposite in my mind. My 4TB filer is burning 45 watts. The mirroring part contributes about 7 or 8 watts to that. It cost 25% of the hardware cost. Well worth the gain.

Exactly what I had in mind.

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