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Re: 35-100mm: only 85mm at the long end?

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At the German Systemkamera Forum, there is currently a discussion, that the 2.8/35-100mm actually is only 85mm at the long end.

Did you notice such an "anomaly"? Did you feel (you probably haven't measured) that it is a bit wide at the long end?

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Hmmm. I haven't tested this to be sure and it is conceivable that it isn't exactly 100mm (let's be honest, fibbing about focal length has happened for many primes and zooms in the past) but I find 85mm a little hard to believe. That would mean that it would be only a little longer (focal length wise) than my Oly 75mm (assuming the 75mm is 75mm - conspiracy theories abound) and it certainly feels more than 10mm longer.

If I have time I'll check later.

Well, he compared it with his 45-200 and his 100-300 at 100mm and in both cases, the 35-100 was clearly shorter, at the long end. He estimates that its maximum focal range lies at about 86mm at short distances and at about 90 at long distances.

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To do the analysis properly you need to take a photo of an object you know the size of rather than a comparison with other lenses (which in turn may inaccurately state their focal length). See . Because I seem to recall most manufacturers quote +/- 5% in focal length its conceivable that its 95mm at the long end but 85mm seems too short.

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