Considering A99? -- ONE week experience from a NON-PRO -- jpeg only (part 1)

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Re: Considering A99? -- ONE week experience from a NON-PRO -- jpeg only (part 1)

Dustinash wrote:

I know what he means. Even at iso 100 if the exposure is not dead on or focus is slightly off the a77 has very little tolerance, it tends to "smear" details and has what most people call a watercolor effect but I think plastic effect is better term. It means the tones are splotchy lacking in gradation.


When you have great lighting the a77 is a wonderful camera. As soon as you deviate away from ideal conditions its a crap shoot in what your going to get.

yes, that's why i am still with my A77 in case i need to shoot longer using aps-c sensor

To the OP, for a non-pro shooter you certainly have a pro rig. I am a pro and I dont even have that lens array you have.

i am lucky since i am a pro in my actual career but my first camera was an ricoh film that my father bought me in 1970. my first camera i bought myself was a yashica FX3 + excellent zeiss lens -- very cheap BUT purely beautiful. by the way, i am thinking if i wa a real pro and did not have those lens, i could probably shoot reasonable results in > 60% of cases. some of my better photos were shot with "so so " lens. any way, thanks for your interest in this thread. i know yu know these stuffs especially the a77 -- i have a love hate relationship with it AND I DO NOT RECOMMEND PEOPLE BUYING IT AT ALL. PEOPLE THINKING ABOUT IT CAN SKIP IT TO OTHER MODELS.

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