Suggested Settings for SX50 HS?

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Re: Suggested Settings for SX50 HS? nice, was any of your shots hand held?

Stephen Ingraham wrote:

Personally I use the SX50HS in Program mode 70% of the time. I turn on auto iContrast and auto Shadow Fill. Auto ISO and Auto white balance Unlike the SX40, where I kept the Exposure Compensation set to -1/3 EV all the time, experimentation has lead me to shoot with the SX50 on 0 EV.

I have used the auto HDR function (mode) quite a bit, and like the natural effect it produces. You need to keep the camera absolutely still. This is not "over the top HDR" but rather produces a file that is very easy to post process in Lightroom to an impressive natural extended range look. (I invested in a ZipShot tripod (11oz) to facilitate HDR when there is no handy post or prop.)

I am experimenting with Sports Mode for birds in flight. So far I am impressed. Focus is fast and accurate enough to catch a bird on the wing, and it shoots 10 shots at 5 fps with focus between shots. The only drawback is that ISO is pretty much pegged at 800, maybe 500 in very good light.

Do use the "framing assist button" when shooting at long telephoto makes a huge difference. It is maybe more an "ease of use" than a "quality" thing...but it certainly makes for more relaxed shooting.

For samples with exif data you can take a look at

All images here are with the SX50HS. Hover over the right side of the large image to see the "i" icon for exif data. The Detailed panel will show when the Digital Tel-converter (1.5 or 2x) was used." Or turn on "Show Details" in the lightbox view.

Bad weather and bad light for most of these shots. I am hoping for better light when I am in Texas next week.

Better light shots begin at image 271 in this album, but I was still experimenting with the EV setting at this point.!i=2164508706&k=p24zP6N

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