Sales of the Sony A99

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Re: Sales of the Sony A99

JohnD2000 wrote:

You do realise that in the UK the a99 costs more than the 5Dmk3 and a lot more than the D800? In dollar terms, most UK retailers are asking for over $4,000. I don't think anyone seriously expects to get an a99 at a D600 price, but it really should be competitive against the D800 price.

Not if you compare launch retail prices.. the D800 was £2700 on launch day, the A99 is £2500..

And places like digital rev already have it down at £2170..

Give it 6 months, it'll be cheaper then the D800 no doubt..

I think it's a bit expensive, even for it's feature set, and I'll wait until it's well under £2K before I bite.. maybe early next year..

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