Why do amateurs try to reply to every thread ??

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Jeff Seltzer Senior Member • Posts: 1,791
I'm an amateur...I will answer your question

jonrobertp wrote:

It's so annoying when one posts...that certain ppl (always the same ones) feel they have to add negative comments to all threads...that I for one skip over without reading. It's like having a woman interupt a conversation at every turn. What does it take to have them back off ?

I'm an amateur by most standards...I make a reasonable amount of income from photography though my website, gallery shows, other fine art websites. But, I don't make even close to the majority of my income via photography, so I'm not a professional. That'a choice - If I wanted to, I could do photography full time. I just don't like shooting weddings and family portraits (though I do both on rare occasion).

But, I do like to view and often respond to the "Pro" forum. Here's why:

1. Often, the questions/threads posted relate to marketing and business. I'm a marketing and business professional with many years of experience. I feel my viewpoint is often helpful.

2.  You might disagree, but wedding/senior portrait/youth sports/family portrait are the "easiest" categories for an amateur to break into. (You don't see amateurs getting gigs for major commercial brands, shooting high fashion, or getting gallery representation as much as they are getting asked to shot a friend's wedding...) As said, I'm not a 100% full time pro, but I'll put up my wedding and portrait photos vs. any full time pro any day of the week...I think my stuff is much better than the average pro. My point? The fact that these categories are, by far, the most represented on this forum means the forum represents an aspirational dimension to many skilled amateurs, so it makes sense that they visit the forum often.

3. Again, you might disagree, but the collection of "pros" on this forum isn't that sophisticated, and seem somewhat close in skill and knowledge to advanced amateurs ..therefore, the discussions are relevant. I participate in a couple of other "pro" forum for fine art photographers, and the discussions are much more highbrow and would never appeal to amateur gear heads. I mean, just look at the titles of active threads here on the "pro" forum, these look like beginner topics...

Help with pictures

C&C please

300 dpi image off Getty...how large can I print?

Compact Flash Card

Nikon SB800

Would you use a Canon G1X on the job?

All primes viable for wedding/event/portrature photography?

My advice, if it bothers you so much, try to elevate the nature of the discussions to those only relevant to 100% pro photographers. Also, wouldn't hurt to create sub-forums with specific pro topics (e.g., gear, business/marketing, fine art, portrait/wedding, breaking into the biz, etc.)

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