"Sigma: "Pentax Q not for serious photo enthusiasts"

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Re: "Sigma: "Pentax Q not for serious photo enthusiasts"

I wouldn't expect any third party lens manufacturer to show much interest in the Q system because they would need to sell a lot of lenses to cover the costs of developing those lenses.  Just look at how dead this forum is....   and even other forums related to the Q...  the customer base is just not there to support third party development of new lenses.

That being said, upon reading the article and the quote from Sigma, I am left feeling as though there are some bad feelings between Sigma and Pentax (or maybe Ricoh).  What was said by Sigma was really a very ignorant way of wording their statement.  Although I understand the translation may play a minor part in this callous statement, it did seem as though Sigma was saying that the Q system is a toy snapshot system meant for children.

The fact is, only a serious enthusiast would buy a system like the Q.  I can't see a casual consumer buying a Q system in place of their lousy cellphone camera.

Very unprofessional behavior by Sigma.  But, then again, Sigma has been known to handle their own products and customers unprofessionally from time to time.   I would not take this ignorant comment by Sigma seriously.

Pentax, however, did handle the Sigma comment professionally.  Way to go Pentax!

Patrick  : )

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