I wonder how many people desperate for a D400 are

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Re: I wonder how many people desperate for a D400 are

This analogy needs a little work.

Suppose for many years Apple had three different lines of phones and tablets. The "pro" line and the "prosumer" line run the "full" version of iTunes. The "consumer" line runs a reduced-feature version of iTunes that only plays tracks recorded or ripped at 128K, doesn't shuffle, doesn't support playlists, and doesn't support Bluetooth. The "prosumer" line costs $500-$700 more than the "consumer" line. The "pro" line costs $700-$1000 more than the "prosumer" line.

Accessories made for the "pro" line work on the "prosumer" and "consumer" lines but cost a lot more money. Accessories made for the "consumer" and "prosumer" lines cost less but don't work on the "pro" line.

Also suppose that Apple released new products in the "consumer" and "pro" lines in 2010, 2011, and 2012, but the last release in the "prosumer" line was in 2009. Further suppose that Apple has not and will not make any public statements that it will ever again release a device in the "prosumer" line or that the full version of iTunes will be available on any future device that costs lest than the "pro" line.

Now you have an analogy that more closely fits the current situation.

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