Storage strategy. RAID 1 or 5? Backup? Both?

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Re: RAID cannot replace "real" backup

kelpdiver wrote:

Osvaldo Cristo wrote:

RAID cannot replace "real" backup as it can provide only fault tolerance. It will not provide you any kind of protection for software or operator error.

Though snapshots do not actually require RAID, most (acceptable) RAID solutions offer this capability. ZFS lets me create a snapshot in seconds to protect against software/operator error, and this is trivially scripted to happen on a automated basis.

If something gets deleted and I later have regrets, I can retrieve it instantly.

Yes, another ZFS user here on DPR! The future of storage lies with more powerful filesystems, because the current filesystems of Windows/Mac/Linux boxes are inflexible and can't detect file corruption. ZFS is a great step forward. Data-security through distributed checksums, raid-support, flexibility with upgrading the storage pool.

I have a self-built NAS that runs ZFS on 4x2 TB in RAID-Z1 (equivalent to RAID-5), so 6 TB net storage. It's fast (close to saturating a gigabit network) and reliable. Coupled with an external disk for offsite backup and all is well.

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