I wonder how many people desperate for a D400 are

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Re: I wonder how many people desperate for a D400 are

I only own a 5 year old ipod.  The battery went out on it a few months ago but I researched this issue on the 'Net and found there are ways to change it myself.  I was able to find a much better battery and change it out, although it was tricky.  I run PC's in my home and have a Google Nexus 7 to show my portfolio.  I have no need for Crapple.  I shoot with a D300 and it does everything I need it to do so there is no need for a D400 for me.  Now if Nikon releases the D400 without video for a lower price than with video, I'll be very interested, but I'm not going to pay for bells and whistles such as built in wifi, gps, in camera processing and other such bloat-ware.  If Nikon comes out with a body based just on performance, like they did with the D300, I'll be in line for it.

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