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Re: Mini configuration for Lightroom

Jeff Charles wrote:

The author of this article found that a faster CPU helps with some tasks, e.g., rendering 100% previews and exporting JPEGs.

I'd also expect a faster CPU to eliminate any hesitation between moving a slider and seeing the change in the photo. My Mini (and my 2009 MBP) both have slight delays with LR4.

I thought about replacing the internal 1TB 5400 RPM drive with a 750GB 7200 RPM drive to store my photos, but I'll probably go with an external 7200 RPM USB 3.0 drive. I've got photos going back to 2003, and an internal would be tight.

OT: In checking the dates of my earliest digital photos, I clicked on a 2003 folder that turned out to contain photos of our cat. Then I randomly clicked on a 2012 Pentax K-5 folder. Same cat. He's 19 years old and still feisty.

Interesting read, thanks.  One thing to bear in mind is, as he pointed out, the differences are due to rendering 1:1 previews on import.  And he must be importing about 75-80 gig worth of images.  I have the same processor in my iMac as his 2.8 configuration and it takes me 4 minutes per 10 gig at 1:1.  That's compared to a touch under 1 minute at minimal.  While he makes a valid point, he's using an example tailored to support it.  If 75-80 gig imports and 1:1 previews were the norm, we'd all need disk farms to handle it.  Those large previews also put an ssd at the wrong end of its strengths when working in the Develop module.

If you have a 5,400 internal, you're plan for the external makes a lot of sense.  Both my internal and external (FW800) are Hitachi 7,200 rpm drives.  The external has a larger buffer and has notably quicker read/write times.  In spite of this its still slower than the internal Hitachi the iMac shipped with when dealing with image files.

Again, nice configuration.

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