Adobe alternatives?

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Aftershot Pro, PSP

For most things, Corel AfterShot Pro is probably all you need. It's similar to Adobe Lightroom for Image Management and Raw Conversion Purposes. Just download it, install it, and it will work for 30 days without buying it. Then, if you decide you like it, just purchase it and plug in the License Key (no need to reinstall it).

Here'a a webinar that goes into a lot of it's features:

For more advanced editing, you may want to look at PaintShop Pro X5:

I have no recent experience with PaintShot Pro. But, I do use Corel AfterShot Pro. Basically, Corel purchased Bibble Labs a while back and relaunched Bibble Pro as AfterShot Pro.

So, AfterShot Pro is completely different than other Corel Products like PaintShot Pro, and works similar to Lightroom in many areas, only AfterShot Pro is *very* fast, and also works under Linux (I have it installed in both Linux and Windows, and the same license key works under both Operating System installs, just the way Bibble Pro allowed you to install it under more than one OS.

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