Canon 1D-X Review

Started Oct 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon 1D-X Review

MrSkelter wrote:

I own more Canon bodies than Nikon. I have yet to meet anyone who knows both systems who'll thinks that overall, the best RAW image quality - not handling, speed, or cost - doesn't come out of the D800 in 2012.

Not that I want to participate in this discussion but since you dont know "anyone" , you can now add me. I wasnt very impressed with the D800E compared to my other cameras (Nikon D3s, Leica M9, Canon 1Ds mk III). Yes a lot of resolution but something artificial looking in those files. I really tried (for half a year) but in the end I went with beleiving my own eyes rather than DXO and simular.

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