D600 owners SURVEY : what was your previous camera ??

Started Oct 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
Fred Mueller Senior Member • Posts: 2,528
Nikkormat FTn, F3, FE, D40, D300(did not own), D7000, D700, D600

still have FE, will keep the D700

got the D700 after focus issues with two D7000s ... D700 was a revelation after that experience ...

D600 gives me a second FF body and the increased dynamic range is directly useful in the property shooting I do ... really don't need 36 mpx (hardly need 24) ... the available shadow detail (pull) is very apparent and a direct substantial improvement for techniques when trying to retain highlights ...

D700 is a great, great camera - will never sell it. Still prefer the AF, ergo, and clarity of the VF to the D600, but there are some 600 positives besides the Sony sensor - U1/U2 recall, much better JPG engine - including lens distortion control, quieter shutter, two cards (when it really really counts), smaller (when smaller counts), and so on, esp. video if that is your thing  (me? I tried it just to see it work)

So, since I can keep the 700, I am very happy with the range of features I have between the two bodies ... would not want to have to choose between the two ... I am picking up the D600 more, almost exclusively when for hire, but for some reason I am more attached to the D700, the interface is completely intuitive for me - the 700 feels more "photographic" and the files LOOK more "photographic" as well  (highly subjective) ...

if Nikon had magically offered a program to stuff the D600 sensor/image pipeline into the D700 for the same price as the D600 - I would have done it

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