Canon 1D-X Review

Started Oct 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon 1D-X Review

KAllen wrote:

Just to add, I've had a little experience with the D800 and a few weeks with the X. I have no desire to own the 800 from a handling point of view. The mp advantage I would find of limited use, the handling/usability of the X I appreciate every time i use it. I just added a 24mm TS and that lens is incredible, I had given up hope of Canon ever making a decent wide angle, i think it would be great for landscape.

I have to agree.  I handled a 1DX this week for a few hours and it is without a doubt, the finest camera I have ever held or operated.  It's build quality is stunning and it's perfromance is impeccable. I am seriously considering upgrading from the 5D3.

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