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ugoromano wrote:

Hi guys,

I am a bit confused and need you advice.

I am a canon user ( 5d...24-70, 70-200 all at /2,8)...I realized that the weight of it reduces a lot the opportunity to take the camera with me around effecting my practice in shooting.

Therefore i am really attracted by the new mirrorless coming to the market. But were to focus my attention????

Just reading about Canon M, Sony Nex 7,....what else? witch you would suggest?

kind regards

I got a second system for the same reasons: I wanted a smaller and lighter alternative to my 5D (which I kept and recently upgraded to 5DIII). Going over the choices, micro-four-thirds seemed like the obvious choice to me.

The Sony cameras may be marginally better - though now even that is not clear given that Olympus is apparently using Sony sensors and Panasonic is catching up; plus, in my opinion, both Olympus and Panasonic are better than Sony in usability.

However, the choice of lenses is a far more important consideration, and no other system comes even close to the choice and quality you get with micro-four-thirds which has a truly amazing selection compared to the other mirror-less systems. (I have the Olympus 9-18, the Panasonic pancake 20/1.7, the Olympus 45/1.8, and the Samyang 7.5 fisheye - all wonderful lenses.)

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