Zoom Lens Choice

Started Oct 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
andy amos Contributing Member • Posts: 685
Re: Zoom Lens Choice

I have to admit not owning any of the lenses you listed, basically they were all too expensive when I was in the market for an upgrade to the kit lense.

If its landscape shooting, F5.6 or above, no real focus speed issue, nor size restrictions, have you concidered the now ancient Pentax 16-45, f4? They were going cheap a couple of years ago and pretty much a bargain at that. On paper its no big deal but the constant f4 is good for the money and its control of wide angle distortion at 16mm is impressive. 45mm at the long end might make it a little restrictive but you do notice the difference between 16 and 17mm at the wide end.

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