My Fountain Pens recently won on e bay! Beginner's Luck!

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Leo James Mitchell
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Re: My Fountain Pens recently won on e bay! Beginner's Luck!

HASHI1127 wrote:

Hi Leo,

Very nice pens :-D. I think the most beautiful is the Africa limited edition.

When I began collecting fountain pens, bach in 1995, I bought some Auroras, Dante Aligueri. Hong Kong 1997, Verdi Gran Gala. Those are the ones I still keep, the others I sold or exchange for newer pens.

Later, I focused more on Parker Duofold Centenial size, Pelikan M 800/1000 models, and Montblanc Meisterstuck models and some limiteds, mostly Writers Editions.

I really like collecting pens, but now they are too expensive, manufatures are making too many limited editions, with a small number of pens, with a higher price tag .

Today I only buy the ones I really like, and allways use all of them. Collector usually keep their pens brand new, buy all the models of the series, wether they like it or not. So I consider myself a heavy user, not a collector .

Best regards,


Hi Gus

Great! You are a pen nut too!! I am like you...I am a collector who uses his pens every day. I am writing my memoirs and teaching my grandson cursive writing and how to use and love fountain pens. So both of us use the pens heavily. We also have 10 different inks and supplies of Clairefontaine and Rhodia paper to write on. I have my big, fat leather bound journal and Owen has a diary that he tries to keep every day too. We home school him so I have lots of opportunity to teach him the provincial curriculum and my curriculum...which includes hand writing, the use, love and care of pen and ink...the schools in Canada do not teach this stuff any more. Hand writing is done only enough that the kids can write a little.  Most of Canadian children have awful writing skills, but they can handle a keyboard expertly. I know hand writing isn't as important as it used to be but it is to me and I suspect to you and people like us.

If you get a chance Gus, post a picture or two of your wonderful fountain pens. I would love to see them.

All the best my friend


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