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Re: using filters on XF lenses

Peiasdf wrote:

marco ricci wrote:


i have a X-PRO1 camera and a 35 and a 60mm lenses.

i have the 14mm on preorder, and i am looking to use polarizer on these lenses.

each one have a different filter size, really not so smart from fuji..

how do u solve this problem? a different polariser for each lens, or a 58mm pola (i think the 14mm has the larger filter thread and it's 58mm) and adapters to use it on 52 and 39mm thread?


I am in similar situation as you. I have 35 and plan to add 18-55, 23 & 56 and want to have 1 filter size for all lenses. (In fact I was about to ask the same question before seeing your thread)

The biggest filter thread so far is 58mm on the 18-55 and 14 so anything smaller is out of the question. Fuji will announce 10-24 f/4.0 next year which I presume will have the biggest filter thread of all XF lenses. I checked NEX line up and the similar Sony E 10-18mm F4 OSS have 62mm filter. The Fiji might be the same size or bigger because all release Fuji lenses are bigger than their SONY counterpart so we are talking about 62mm to maybe 67mm.

if the mockups were correct

14mm, 23 mm, 27mm, 56 mm,  18/55 and 55/200 will have 58mm filter thread

and 10/24 will use a 72mm

actual 18mm and 35mm use a 52mm and 60mm use a 39mm

so we will have 4 different filter threadsść-Prototypowe_obiektywy_dla_systemu_Fujifilm_X.html

i already own a 58mm pola (a good hoya HMC, hope if will be slim enough to use on 14mm that i have on preorder) and a 77 and 82mm (B+W) that i use on my canon stuff. i will try to adapt the 77mm on the 10/24 if i will buy it, but for sure i need to buy a good 52mm pola

i still have a set of several old OM olympus lenses.

a 28 2.8, a 50 1.8 a 100 2.8 and a 135 3.5 and all of them use a 49mm filter thread

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