Other Systems dream of this performance at f/5.6 - but at f/2.0?

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Well done

philosomatographer wrote:

I usually do not like closeups in black and white, but I do like your image somewhat. I think it is because the subject stands out. Wish we could see more such images on the forum.

You gentlemen really crack me up. What is anybody going to prove by posting small pictures of cats and dogs in an online forum??

Actually you can tell the difference. And besides, it was you who started it.

For heaven's sake, most lenses are so much better than most photographers. I took this image (which I posted some time earlier) with an *uncoated* first-generation Schneider Symmar 150mm f/5.6, made sixty+ years ago, on pushed film (ISO1600) in a 50-year old mechanical camera.

Non-telecentric, how come?

The resulting large print has just fabulous resolution, contrast, and presence. It's dramatically better than what I have ever managed to produce with expensive digital equipment in realising my vision.


An enormous amount of effort (and luck) went into capturing the above image in natural light on a windy beach with this live subject. Of course, nobody cares how much effort you put into your work, only the output counts.

Many of us do. If the image is good I am always interested in how it was captured.

You know what? This old camera is still my primary tool. I decided to add some Olympus digital into the mix, for where an SLR is the right tool. I discovered the lenses are rather fabulous, more so than usual. I post about the remarkable (which it is, unmatched by other zooms) performance in solidarity with other Olympus users. A shitstorm of epic proportions ensues, fueled by - what - Jealousy? Arrogance? From our Canon/Nikon friends?

I would have to force myself to post anything other than the phone cam on the weekly scapes thread. It is because I am very jealous. How did you know that?

I am amazed at the sequence of childish responses my simple post, praising the qualities of a certain lens, has coaxed out of the responders. Especially non-olympus users! Do you guys ever spend time practicing your photography? This forum (and others at DPReview) seem to suffer from some kind of compulsive illness. One that really repulses me.

Again, it was you who started it.

just... let... it... go...

I thought it was a good thread actually. With a twist of humor, but I do like some of the pictures you posted.

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