FZ200 - Why I prefer megazooms over DSLR rigs

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Re: FZ200 - Why I prefer megazooms over DSLR rigs

Juggler wrote:

Can't agree more...

I just returned from a 5 days Greece tour, I took a 5d Mk II, a 7D (with bunch of lenses), and FZ200 with me, and guess what, I used fz200 almost exclusively, I just used 5d Mk II with 15mm fisheye, as Fz200 doesn't have such wide angle. I was very pleased with the results..



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Wow Melih! This is an amazing testimony coming from you as a professional photographer. Of course, the high end DSLRs will always have their important places, especially for pros, but bridge cameras like the FZ200 open up a world of (afforable and convenient) possibilities like never before.

Thanks so much for your comment!


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