Ming Thein thinks "D800 is obsolete"...

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Re: What Ming actually said

msu79gt82 wrote:

Nowhere in this thread did I see posted what Ming actually said (sorry if I missed it).

re D800 - "And what about the D800? Well, I honestly can’t see why anybody would bother unless money is super-critical, or you shoot a lot of fabric - the price difference to the D800E isn’t big enough to be a factor if you’re already committed to spending that much money, and it requires almost as much shot discipline and lens quality anyway."

re D800 focus vs. D600 - "Although my camera no longer exhibits any asymmetry with its focus points following the recalibration and fix by Nikon Malaysia, it just doesn’t seem to be as positive or accurate as the D700 was (or D600 is now). There are situations in which the camera nails everything perfectly, and situations under which it just seems to miss by a hair; far more of the latter exist than the former. And no combination of AF settings seems to work; this means that the D800 is effectively an unviable proposition to me as a documentary/ reportage camera. Bottom line: I’m not 100% confident that it’s going to focus where I tell it to."

So Ming did NOT actually say the D800 was obsolete, however he did question why anyone would bother buying it! He also said that it did NOT have the focus accuracy of the D600.

His opinion about the D800 being an unviable option depends entirely on his assumption that the D800E produces visibly better results in normal sized prints - with all other settings and post-production kept equal. He has not provided any evidence for this assumption. Nor has anyone, as far as I can see.

And even if he did provide evidence, would the difference be worth £475, which is the current difference in the UK market between the two bodies? For most people, even those of us who eke out a living from photography - worrying about £475 is not being "super-critical" (Ming Thein's words).

So, Ming Thein's inability to see why "anybody would bother" with the D800 is not based on any clear thinking and, in my opinion, it raises serious doubts about his self-proclaimed role as an authority on camera technology.

But on the other, he has clearly cottoned on that controversial opinions bring much internet traffic.

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"The job of the photographer is not to record indisputable fact but to try to be coherent about intuition and hope."
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