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Re: Two ponts

Moti wrote:

caissam wrote:

try to get the Point from Adams comments here

if my english is not good enough to make the point clear, sorry.

I think that your English is good enough and you have made your point in a very clear way.

What is less clear to me is the fact that as you already know that this reviewer is not trustable or professional to put it mildly,

/because that is not my opinion, they are trustable for me, i just would like to mention that the used setings are not the best for making reliable testfotos. For testing iso6400 you should not go in  daylight, thats in short all I wanna say. Everything else they do I like very much,  thats one reason why I would like to help to get things better.

why on earth you spend your time visiting their site and why do you spend even more time in making such a big fuss, posting completely useless threads like this one,

/no, it is absolutly not useless. if u wanna change sth you should talk about it, we are all part of the photocommunity.

instead of just looking for the information you need in more reliable sources.

/ i do so, of course, but we won't change anything in the world if everybody behaves like this. btw if u do not wanna discuss the pics and the setings why not ignoring this thread like  u wanna me to ignore the matter i am talking about?

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