A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

sensibill wrote:

How about putting this ignorantly at face value: The A65 and A77 produce more noise at high ISO. You can't say post processed images are a valid basis for comparison but that a 1/200 exposure difference of OOC RAW somehow is responsible for chroma performance and negates an entire methodology and the tests that use it.

Well that does seem ignorant of the RAW Pre-conditioning factor..

I'm not saying it negates anything.. If you approach it logically, and I'll borrow from DPReview again, "so inevitably we are still looking at a balance of noise and noise reduction, rather than pure noise levels", That's two variables, noise and noise reduction (or noise and image information left over).. It's quite obvious and normal to 'fix' or (equalise) one and measure the other.. which is all I'm doing (fix/equalise the noise, and then let people see the difference in image information)..

I did this same test with the Imaging Resource samples - EXACT same results. More baseline chroma noise at equalized resolution. Period. The A65 doesn't have more detail at 16MP and the A57 doesn't 'lose shadow detail'.

That would be lovely if your 'test' wasn't so meaningless.. Remember that it's easy to show RAW Pre-conditioning (I'm classing that as any variability in the signal conditioning from sensor to RAW image conversion), the evidence for this variability is profound and support directly by DPReviews own words..

You had it right 5 months ago. Sad to say that since then you've deluded yourself somewhat on this issue.

Luckily I have the ability to absorb, understand and approach things logically and scientifically, I took a lot to change my ignorant pre-conceived belief, which was based on mis-interpretation of other peoples (dpreviews/imaging-resources) images..

Yeah, lovely.. I ask for you to show me where the image information differs, you show me a section with the least image information imaginable..

if I take the A77/A57 (The only ones I have to hand right now), and apply the same LR/ACR philosophy (Zero everything for the A57 upsampled to 24MP using bicubic, 13 Chroma Noise for the A77 with black level roughly matched), I get..

Let me zoom in a bit to really see the difference..

And that's 1/500th vs 1/640th for the A77 vs A57 exposures.. I might have slightly overdone the black level matching.. the A77 is a much lighter image due to ISO gains / ACRs default exposure for each camera's RAW.. I can re-do them if necessary..

I don't think you'll ever get the impact of the variability of RAW pre-conditioning (where ever that occurs), so I can see this running and running.. however, I'll happily keep assessing the image information (you know, the thing people actually consume from their photographs), while you blissfully keep posting OOC RAWs (Pentax must love people who do this)..

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