A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

How about putting this ignorantly at face value: The A65 and A77 produce more noise at high ISO.

According to DxO data they're so close that the difference is imperceptible.

You can't say post processed images are a valid basis for comparison but that a 1/200 exposure difference of OOC RAW somehow is responsible for chroma performance and negates an entire methodology and the tests that use it.

Chroma noise is only one kind of noise. You can't compare overall noise by only comparing chroma noise. All you see when looking exclusively at one kind of noise is the decisions made in the in camera noise handling algorithms. You learn nothing at all about total information content in the image.

I did this same test with the Imaging Resource samples - EXACT same results. More baseline chroma noise at equalized resolution. Period. The A65 doesn't have more detail at 16MP and the A57 doesn't 'lose shadow detail'.

And again, all you're looking at is one kind of noise. A completely irrelevant comparison.


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