A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

No, they aren't. No, the screen shots do not support your point (which has been that there is no difference).

Considering my point is that it's negligible difference they do support it.

There's a difference, is my point, and that people should make up their own minds, not to have it made for by 24MP shrill contingent shouting down anyone saying the 16MP is cleaner at high ISO.

Nor to have it made for by the 16MP shrill contingent shouting down anyone saying the 24MP performs so close to the 16MP any difference is moot.

Not in the least. DPR can't even keep focus points consistent, much less amount of light entering the camera, so their "comparisons" are a useless pile of junk.

Your opinion might be classified as such.

Fact. Not opinion.

That's not hyperbole. That's how it is. The hyperbole starts after that, when explaining how much time has been wasted arguing over differences which are down to uncontrolled variables and not cameras.


Indeed. That does not make me wrong.

Hilarious. So we should all have first gen 1" or 4/3 cameras because all sensor performance is irrelevant. Why ever upgrade? Why bother with ANY such tests? Why do you participate at DPR if they're so vile?

It would behoove you to argue against what I state instead of what you wish I would have stated.

And when have I stated that DPR are vile? I would like a direct link, please. That is a pretty serious accusation which I take offense to.

You have not and cannot prove the A57 has less shadow detail at normalized resolution. Because it's a falsehood, like much else you've been posting on this subject for months (years?).

And you cannot prove the A57 does not have less shadow detail at normalized resolution. These are subjective evaluations, not subject to proof.

However, the DxO results clearly show comparable high ISO information between the cameras. Information loss (collectively known as noise, and no, chroma noise is not the sole kind of noise which impacts an image) affects both cameras to a comparative degree. In the A65 it is seen as chroma noise and in the A57 it is seen as blur noise. Both are as devastating for the information content of the image, and both can be remedied by PP to comparative extents.

Such as Phil's. And to say nothing of individual opinions summarily dismissing entire website methodology (DPR) and selectively hand picking only the results from other sites they agree with (like DxO).

Considering you've admitted to starting from the explicit assumption that the 16MP performs better at high ISO than the 24MP while those who examine the issue carefully start from no assumption at all that's pretty rich.

The dismissal of the DPR methodology is because it is objectively (and by DPR admittedly) flawed. It is useless for any pixel peeping or actual performance comparison because it has too many uncontrolled variables. This is not controversial; it is basic science methodology and something kids learn in high school how to do properly.

That you refuse to understand this (and argue about sensor performance without even knowing how sensors work) speaks volumes for your credibility.


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