how close does video on GX1 get to dslr territory?

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Re: how close does video on GX1 get to dslr territory?

ChipThome wrote:

What you are asking for, youtube and videos of the kids, isn't asking for the end of the world, so IMO, the GX1 will probably fill the bill. The one thing I would make sure it has is a way (button preferably) where you can lock AE and AF once set. How you stabilize the camera while shooting is going to have more of an impact on your view-ability, than the difference in the two cameras.

When I got my first GH2, two days before I have received the new Panasonic TA-1. So for giggles and grins I did a quicky test with both shot off the same tripod in broad daylight. So here's a clip comparing two cameras where the GH2 cost 10X more than the TA-1.

That test is biggest joke this year,why was the GH2 WB not set properly.

The wb does not  match in this test but the aim was to show the difference in resolution between the GH2 and the FZ150.Of interest Canon DSLR video is very soft low resolution.

Watch in best quality,the difference is more apparent on HD tv

2 more GH2 films and 1 fz gh mixed below FZ otters GH2 flowers

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