A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

I said same ACR, not same internal algorithms. Not that you have presented any data on how A65 ACR conversions differ to account for mystifyingly worse chroma noise performance than A57. It must be a conspiracy.

The chroma noise difference is due to internal camera processing differences.

And thank you for supporting my point; there is no way to know what ACR does internally, and the null hypothesis is that it is not intended for benchmarking but a commercial product for producing results and is therefore not carefully tuned to provide comparable output in its default settings.

How exactly does a sensor array employ noise reduction prior to the imaging pipeline?

You seriously don't know this? Yet you argue about sensor performance?

Go read a few basic articles on sensor design. I'll wait.

So no baseline exists, so you can't say the A65 doesn't produce equal results in any form, and no sensor comparative evaulation can exist. According to your logic.

For purposes of subjective evaluation this is correct.

And we need to know what exactly is going on in order to say Camera A has cleaner high ISO than Camera B why?

Because otherwise we do not know whether Camera A has "cleaner" (a word you have not defined, so it is as of yet meaningless) high ISO than Camera B. The only way to know that is to isolate "cleaner" from all surrounding variables. Otherwise you're looking at garbage.

Per the logic of science. Or as you put it, my logic. Same thing.

Start by defining "cleaner" with specificity so that it can be isolated. Not that anyone cares about anything but actual SNR since everyone who exploits high ISO performance will do PP - it's unavoidable - and then the information content is what matters, not how the information loss has materialized. Most people are unaware of this and look at the wrong things, but that doesn't make them right.

Again, your view is, that either A65 has equal noise performance at high ISO normalized or all such comparative efforts are void in the absence of precisely identical pipelines and associated algorithms both in camera and out. Which is it? Not that it matters.

No. My view is that in all sensor isolating tests the difference between the A65 and the A57 is so small as to be practically unmeasureable; the difference between individual cameras of one model will be larger than the objectively measured differences between the models.

As I have stated numerous times, objective sensor comparison is the only way to compare sensor performance. Subjective OOC evaluation does not compare sensors since there are too many uncontrolled variables. It's not that complicated. Basic science.

The rest of us will suffer with flawed comparisons that show us performance baselines that either exist or not, but if they do, they don't matter, according to you. This will be great news to owners of first gen 12MP Micro 4/3 cameras when they learn that the Olympus OM-D and GH3 have nothing (relevant) on them in terms of IQ. Indeed, image quality as a concept is moot.

If you can't tell the difference between these various cameras in finalized images no matter the shooting circumstances then yes, there is no IQ difference between them. By definition. Not that hard a concept to grasp, I would think.

Since you can you're ignoring my entire point in your little rant. Spectacular performance.

All according to you.

Have fun shooting down strawmen.


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