Why Romney/repubs gunning to repeal healthcare?

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Re: Why Romney/repubs gunning to repeal healthcare?


Brian wrote:


Just a quick question here for any Yank that wishes to answer.

How come ALL the other westernized nations figured out how to run a decent universal healthcare programme decades ago....but you Americans STILL don't seem to know how to do it?

WHY are you folks so far behind the other developed nations in this regard?

I'm just curious...


cause kev. we don't want just decent. we want the best.

America has NEVER been the best - period.

YOU don't even have a universal healthcare system....so, you ain't even in the ball-park - yet.

With private funding, hospitals have incentive to give better care while trying to keep costs down.

Healthcare systems in the UK. France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Japan, etc....ARE privately funded. The products & services are provided by the private sector. The GOVT only administers/monitors/legislates the overall system.

There is NO lack of incentive in the other western nation medical programmes.

None of them are socialist...why do YOU think that?

YOU Americans seem to think that anything that isn't hard-core 100% capitalism is socialist....where did you ever get that false impression from?

Just curious.


Not all of us Americans thank that, plenty of us are all for a universal health care system. It's mainly the conservative right that is fighting against it.

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